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Create a Lesson!

If you have an idea for a lesson, or have a lesson you're already teaching that you want to document, you can put it in the PEN lesson database here.

Type the name of your lesson in the box below. This will automatically create a notes page for you to brainstorm or write down notes about the lesson, and also a lesson-planning form. This form will help you structure your lesson, and when submitted will create the first draft.


action template :add:0: :lessons:general: :

textbox “Lesson Title” @

submit “Start writing your lesson”

Thanks “Now you've created a lesson! We've created a folder for your lesson that has two pages in it. The 0.research page is for you to add your notes, research and brainstorming as you develop the lesson. The 0.lesson.form page is a short form that you can fill in to create the first draft of the lesson. Click on 0.research to start making notes, or go to 0.lesson.form if you're ready to make a proper draft of the lesson.”


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