Background Information

These not full-length lessons, but short explanations of common scientific and engineering principles or skills that students might be taught or required to know in lessons.

These pages are designed to be used as reference for adding these topics to lessons, and often include useful analogies or ways of teaching or explaining the topic or skill.

Background units are split into “How-to Guides” (like 'how to solder' or 'how to run a design session') and “Science & Engineering Concepts” (like 'how circuits work').

You can also write your own background unit!

How-To Guides

Making a School Lab


Science & Engineering Concepts


We would like to have more of these pages - if you're interested in writing one, go here to create the page.

Topics that we'd like to have pages about include:

  • Kirchoff' Law, Ohms Law, and Resistors
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