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Beakers have many uses, so it is good to know which use you are trying to replace.

For holding solutions that you will transfer out via pipette or syringe, a jam jar, disposable plastic cup, or a cut off water bottle works well.

Having the “beak” is nice when filling burettes or measuring cylinders, but the little plastic funnels that come with kerosene stoves work well too. You could also varnish a small metal funnel from the market.

You can also fill measuring cylinders or burettes crudely from a jar or any other bottle and then use a syringe to add the final few milliliters.

A big borosilicate (e.g. Pyrex brand) beaker is useful for water baths, but an aluminum pot is superior if you have many things to heat.

For warming a 25 test tube or two only, consider using the bottom of a small metal can. You can cut the bottom from a beverage can by repeatedly scoring it with a razor blade, or scissors, and then use it to hold a water bat. If you use a cut can, fold down the cut edge to prevent cut fingers.

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