Trace: flasks

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Flasks can generally be replaced with clean, used glass liquor bottles, available in most markets. You can also make arrangements with local bars to reserve empty cans and bottles for your school. When using these flasks for titrations, students must practice swirling enough that the solution remains well mixed. Small water bottles may also be used. Sometimes flasks are needed for dissolving salts to make solutions as their shape is particularly well suited for thorough mixing. But a half full plastic water bottle with a good cap can be shaken much more vigorously and will work as well if not better for most solutions. Plus, the solution is then already in a storage container. If you need to prepare a solution that requires heating, be creative. Starch solution, for example, can be prepared in an aluminum pot without trouble. 27 Liquor bottles also have caps for shaking and heat well (with the cap off!) in a water bath, especially if heated slowly.

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