Concepts Learned

Basic idea of torque - leverage. Pivot systems. Definition of torque in terms of = Force x distance …Frictional torque?


Wrenches? How easy is it to undo a bolt with a short wrench vs. a long wrench.

Can calculate how much torque one wrench has vs. another?

Lifting levers - build them.

Wheels! [?]

Draw diagrams of force and torque…?

Building/Design Challenges

Each group given a weight, have to do calculations then build the thing? Very simple design challenge.

OR build a trigger for the spring guns? Have that be the next thing? Figure out how much we need to resist force? ←- does this experiment make sense.


brianna, 2012/07/06 12:58

I mentioned this somewhere else before, I think, but trying to open a door by pushing near the hinges vs. near the other side, is a good demonstration of how the distance is important

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