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This lesson doesn't have much new information – it is more of time to work on the project. If students don't know how to solder, they will learn that.


  • soldering irons - prefer as many as possible
  • solder
  • wire
  • components for circuit. Per lamp - diode, resistor, switch, battery, at least one bright white LED and additional appropriate diodes or LED's
  • circuit diagrams from Lesson 6
  • lamp structures from Lesson 5
  • solar panels from Lesson 4
  • additional lamp building things if needed
  • SUN!

Lesson Plan


By now, the students should have circuit designs, and experience with soldering. If they don't have experience, look at lesson 4 for information on soldering, and teach it to students.

Have students solder together the circuits from lesson 6. Even if they have soldered their panels together, they may need pointers and hands-on help if they haven't had much experience with standard soldering, and making sure that they're reading the circuit diagrams correctly.

If there is work to be done on the lamp structures, students should finish those, while integrating the circuits into the structures.

Test the lamps – turning them on and off, putting the panels into the sunlight, checking that the batteries are charging, or that the voltage is at the cut-off and the current-control LED's are lit.


Where else might we use the solar power? Can they think of any other things they could power with the solar panel?

What about other things they learned in the lessons (e.g. soldering, circuit diagrams, building structures). Where could they use them?

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