Stage 0 | Background discussion and research

Here are some super-basic notes (off the top of Maddie's head) as initial thoughts on the first of two Presenting to the Community lessons. There are lots of good resources from 2.00b and 2.009, and other classes and online sites, for presentation skills and designing good presentations, so I will do more research to add info from those. Initial thoughts:

Things to include in lesson:

  • Goals of presenting
  • What to include in a presentation (designs, rationale, options, etc.)
  • About including stakeholders
  • Presenting skills (public speaking tips, etc.)
  • Designing a Presentation

What students should cover in a presentation:

  • Background, what work they’ve been doing (show and tell!) – about the club/program/etc. (introduction to selves, goals, progress), share what they’ve been learning, what small-scale projects they’ve done to prepare (show working projects!), moving on to learning about large-scale installations, etc. Want to install something in the community! (to learn, and to benefit everyone)
  • Rationale and details for large-scale project ideas (go through design process – (1) brainstorming: where they see a need for electrification / power, where solar makes sense, a few options for places they were thinking that would benefit the community at large and why they settled on those choices, (2) research done on logistics, power requirements, what a system might look like, what safety measures are needed, brief maintenance requirements, etc., (3) introductory estimations on solar cells required, how much power the design might produce, how much time the project would take to completion, etc., (4) what they need from the community, potential pros and cons of proposed projects, start discussion to see what concerns there are, where people are interested in having and supporting this project, if all stakeholders are represented, if others are interested in helping out with labor?, etc.
  • Community discussion and feedback: Students should come away with a better idea of where the final project will be, what concerns have to be met, who is interested in being involved, etc.

(At least having a community-wide discussion started, if not a definite final project selected. The intro presentation could also be used to narrow down to two project choices or something, and then have groups of students make more detailed designs for those two before presenting to the community again and selecting a final project to collaborate on – 2.009 style)

Presenting Skills

Lots of good stuff about this in 2.00b and 2.009 notes, and probably 2.671, etc.

Put notes and thoughts below! Feel free to edit this page for a longer or better organized discussion, but if you just want to drop off a good link or small note, you can use this form:


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Brianna Conrad, 2012/02/28 18:32

PRESENTING TO THE COMMUNITY A quick idea: -brainstorm why we might want to present to the community (have list of reasons that should be arrived at) -what do we need to tell them -what do we need to ask them -what might they ask us (again, include guideline lists for these - obviously it will differ with projects) -how can we get the community excited? (background, show working projects)

with these lists, have students organize the presentation, keeping in mind intro - details - conclusion/questions

talk about how to give the presentation what visuals (if available) might be useful - if not covered before in how to get the community excited?

make visuals, or assign them to be made

have all students stand up and give a presentation, or part of one, maybe about why something is really cool. - start with this?

practice the presentation given to the community

Brianna Conrad, 2012/02/27 00:06

Can we have links to those notes?

Need to split up what will be covered here and what will be in the Detailed presentation.

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