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Writing A Lesson

Start your own lesson

Welcome to the lesson-writing section of PEN! This is where you can contribute to our curriculum by writing lessons that will be used by people all over the world.

You might be recording a lesson you've already taught many times, or you might be starting completely from scratch. In either case, we suggest you take a look at:

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Help us write existing curricula

Our main focus right now is the Solar Photovoltaic Curriculum. You can contribute to this by:

  • doing research and/or sharing knowledge or activity ideas for lessons currently in stage 0.
  • creating a lesson outline (stage 1) for any stage 0 lesson that has lots of information (think about how long the lesson might be - you might want to split it into two or even more lessons at this point)
  • testing activities or experiments listed in stage 1 lessons to make sure they work as expected - share your results!
  • write the next stage for any lesson that is at stage 1 or higher and has feedback. Refer to the explanation of stages to see what each stage should focus on.

If you'd rather think about other topics, you can also: