Feature requests

  • line numbers, or something else to make referencing easy in comments
  • select files to be more obviously a button (this may be difficult –ned)
  • lesson list page (brianna is doing this)
  • stages explanation (grace is doing this)
  • friendlier front page (brianna is doing this)
  • ability to rename namespaces
  • docs need to be cleaned out, rewritten, gone over, put online
  • printable pdf feature is small and hidden. make it bigger/point it out elsewhere?

<form> action pagemod _self requests textbox “Request (press enter to submit)”</form>


Ned, 2012/01/03 19:59

Just did that; let me know how it looks!

Brianna Conrad, 2011/12/30 00:22

if select files to be more obviously a button is difficult, how about editing the text to tell people to click on “Select Files” ?

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