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Lesson Seeds

Things that aren't quite ready to have a lesson research page belong here, whether they're projects or experiments without a concept to teach, or concepts without a project to make or experiment to do.
This is for brainstorming lesson ideas, so feel free to add anything you'd like to see a lesson about, and someone might just write that lesson.

High-priority lessons

If you're looking for something to work on, look no further.
These are lessons for our proto-club in Takoradi, Ghana; if you write them they will be taught very soon.
The top lesson is top priority, but work on whichever you find most exciting.

  1. Lessons form the solar module– our capstone project
  2. Anemometer lesson
  3. Step-Up Voltage Converters

Capstone ideas

These are projects that would be at the end of a curriculum of several lessons, which might include smaller projects along the way.

  • solar system w/inverter (the biggest issue might be the black-box nature)
  • wind turbine for electricity (the biggest issue might be the precision needed)
  • wind turbine for water pumping (the biggest issue: is this useful?)
  • giant biogas digestor and efficient stove
  • biomass gasifier running a gasoline engine
  • solar system could be for specific purpose like a clinic or school
  • water pumping and purification system (using wind or bike or other for pumping)
  • solar cooker (probly not big enough, but I'm not sure what is bigger along this track - solar hot water?)
  • bicycle-powered generator (potentially cool first project for clubs starting a new PEN-space))
  • solar hot water heater (using flourescent lamps)

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  • solar panels on a cell phone
  • fruit battery
  • car battery to charge cell phones
  • Savonius bucket turbine
  • Modifying a battery holder to use cell phone batteries
  • Build a @@ lamp, build charger for cell phone battery to light lamp
  • Solar cars
  • solar oven or fruit-dryer
  • water-bottle “light” - to distribute light through roof during the day
  • Biogas
  • charcoal press design
  • Nut/seed shellers

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Projectless concepts

  • Household applications
    • lighting - appropriate levels
    • lighting - technical side of things
    • cooking?
    • laundry?
    • kind of power needed for appliances
  • Solar Cooker/Solar Hot Water:
    • heat transfer
    • reflection/absorbtion/materials
    • different types of devices
    • temperature/food safety?
  • Solar Photovoltaics
    • semiconductors+bandgap+doping?
    • cell structure?
    • (not sure how much in depth we want these kind of things)
    • photoelectric effect
    • connecting in parallel and series
    • shading
    • angle, tracking
    • peak power, voltage conversion,
    • batteries and maintenance
    • evaluating the extent of a resource
    • inverters
  • Lab safety
  • Basic Skills
    • soldering
    • motors
    • LED's
    • sketching designs
    • ccb/evaluating designs
    • telling another how a design works
    • parallel and series
    • basic wood/metal tools
    • circuits/voltage/current
    • battery charging (different types?)
    • energy and power units
  • Water Purification
  • Water Pumping
    • prereq concepts?
  • Wind Energy
    • mechanical applications
      • water pump
      • other?
    • electrical generation
  • One-Off Skill Lessons
    • how to use power tools
    • using e-waste
    • soldering
    • making things from bicycle parts!
  • CCB 2: Product Deign
    • Prototyping
    • (Presentation skills, writeups, etc.)

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