How to use the PENed wiki

Where are we?

Welcome to the alpha test of the Practical Energy Network's lesson sharing site. We want to write and teach engineering lessons that are useful, use locally available materials, and focus on designing solutions to daily challenges; see lesson philosophy for more details.

What are we doing here?

This site is focused on how lessons are described and formatted. We want to make sure we describe things in a way that's useful and easy to work with.

What should we do?

We can use help in:

  • reviewing pages: what's their goal? Do they achieve it? Is it the right goal? Tell us in the comments!
  • thinking of seeds, the projects and concepts we will pull into our curriculum
  • writing lessons: if you've got an exciting idea, pitch a lesson! If you know (or want to think about) how a pitched lesson should be taught, write a teacher's guide.
  • teaching lessons: if something you see up here inspires you to teach it, we'd love to hear about how things went, as well as any changes you made or wish you had.

The wiki syntax is a useful resource for any writing you might do; if you make a new page1), please use headers in the standard way (as this document does).

Finally, if you have any questions, please leave a comment on the front page or send an email to

1) To make a new page, visit the URL of the page you want and click 'Create page'
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