Retort Stand

To hold burettes

Satisfactory retort stands may be produced by cutting a piece of cement rein- forcing rod (re-rod, about 1 cm in diameter) and placing it in a metal tin full of wet cement. Once the cement hardens, you may attach a boss head and a clamp to have an equivalent stand. Stiff wire may be used in place of boss heads and clamps but they do not hold burettes as well. Especially if you have the misfortune of owning fragile glass burettes, the investment in good clamps is worthwhile. Of course, if you use syringes as burettes, there is no need for a retort stand.

To hold pendulums

Hang the pendulum from any elevated point. You can place a chair on a desk and hang a pendulum form the legs, or for a smaller diameter rod anchor a welding stick under a large rock.

To hold other apparatus

Improvise! Both wire and strings of bicycle inner tube are versatile and effective binding agents.

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