Lesson(s) in which students create and (mostly) finalize a plan for their system, incorporating work done in battery charging, panel building, and inverter lessons, as well as thinking about site and mounting specifics.

Brianna's Quick Notes: N-DEPTH SYSTEM DESIGN So far, we've looked at everything individually but really, it's all connected What are the parts? How do they connect? OK, DESIGN PROCESS what are the specifications we need: - this might be cost, functionality, security, size, locatability, etc. - Size each piece of the system: panels must be able to generate enough power batteries must be able to store enough inverter must be able to handle enough whole thing must cost little enough What else do we need to consider: site

  • shading
  • securing the panel
  • arrangement of panels: # of modules/ string, # of strings / module, within inverter's safe operating range.
  • grounding of frames
  • cable sizes
  • protection: fuses, dependent on # of strings, protection built into module (likely non existent in home made panels - but the bypass diodes might partly serve this purpose.
  • taking into account losses in wiring, from dirt
  • ease of installation and access for maintenance

what are the options for these evaluate how they are on all the different fronts

At the moment I am not sure of what the structure of this lesson should be. Maybe start each category with some constructed questions (how much power is lost with this size cable?) Then ask students what they could do to change that, then have them figure out what their project requires. Any ideas of how to make this more creative would be appreciated.

Stage 0 | Background discussion and research

Put notes and thoughts below! Consider both factual content and possible activities and design and discussion opportunities. Feel free to edit this page for a longer or better organized discussion, but if you just want to drop off a good link or small note, you can use this form:


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Once this page contains sufficient information and ideas, a stage 1 draft (lesson outline) can be started.


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Grace Kane, 2012/05/16 18:09

Seems like, as you say, this should be a lot of connecting stuff? Like - okay, we know we need this much power, of this type, at this time of day…what does that mean for batteries? What about inverters (do we need one?) Etc etc.

Maybe you could just brainstorm all the things we need to think about and then if there's any ones that seem to need a lot of explanation at this stage, put them as a previous lesson? (for example: fuses and grounding. Could this be introduced in a “basic wiring and electronics” lesson? or is it something to mention now and go into in depth afterwards?

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