In this lesson, students will create a detailed presentation to give to their community to get the final permission/support to build their project.

Trying to consider how the *lesson* is different from the first one (rather than just the presentation being different - what skills are we teaching here? that arent covered before? or is it just reinforcement?)

For Second Presentation:
- define what you want from the community - what would be nice, what you need
- make sure YOU know why you made all the decisions you did, and can justify them
- organize!
- create!
- this is more about proving its possible / asking for things whereas the other one was more about figuring out what you needed and making people think its a cool idea. maybe a beginning thing would be to have students give mini presentations about how they made the decisions for each part of the system, or for other projects they worked on

Stage 0 | Background discussion and research

Put notes and thoughts below! Consider both factual content and possible activities and design and discussion opportunities. Feel free to edit this page for a longer or better organized discussion, but if you just want to drop off a good link or small note, you can use this form:


action pagemod _self research

textarea “Description”

textbox “Link” !

submit “Stick a post-it to the wall”


date user description url
@@meta.date@@ @@meta.user.name@@ @@Description@@ @@Link@@

Once this page contains sufficient information and ideas, a stage 1 draft (lesson outline) can be started.


action template :add:1: :lessons: :

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